Sunday, May 30, 2010

May Garden, Part II

The first harvest from my strawberry plants!

I have about 30 berries I kept. Another 6 or so were eaten through by bugs. I've washed these already and put them on a cookie sheet to freeze. They'll be perfect to toss in a smoothie for breakfast or to make into jam at a later date.

I'm constantly amazed at how well things grow here! It's quite encouraging for a beginning gardener to plant, water, watch, then harvest without too much failure. What a beautiful earth we live on.

Ryan's Ice Cream Social

Way back in April I threw Ryan a little party for his 28th. It was a very VERY last minute thing and so I came up with an ice cream social theme that I could throw together in a few days.

Most of my supplies came from the dollar store.

These pictures are awful, I know, because it's right around the time I misplaced my camera. These are from Ryan's phone.

I reused some fabric I'd recently used for a baby shower to create a cohesive look and also to wrap around the ice cream containers to keep them from dripping on the table and to give them a more uniform look.

I think my favorite part was how much fun everyone seemed to have and how easy it was. I found glass (libby brand) ice cream cups for $1 each and fun spoons and offered to wash them and send them home with the guests. I think only a few people took them home, which is totally fine! The rest are set aside for our church building to use in their kitchen.

I put fun facts about Ryan around the bottoms of the cups, not only to act as cup-markers, but to celebrate my wonderful husband.

The only toppings I made were homemade hot fudge sauce and homemade caramel topping. The rest was as simple as opening a package. It looks especially delicious right now, considering the day is so warm and muggy!

Happy Birthday, hon. I sure love you.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

May Garden

Long time no, eh?

Not much to tell. I lost my camera sometime between the months of February and April, which makes for a dull entry.

Today is my day off of work. Well, one of three this week. I put the time to good use {I'd have to say} and planted some bushes we picked up from Costco on Saturday {only $10 each!} and replanted some tomato plants. Temporarily. I have to make a raised garden bed before they find their permanent abode, nestled next to the strawberry patch.

Maybe in another month I'll show you the progress. Those green berries should be red and ripe by then!