Monday, January 15, 2007

Working on Human Rights Day

My bosses have decided that Martin Luther King, Jr. day is a good tradeoff for Pioneer day, when it comes to giving us the day off.

Because the rest of the country is out of the office, my job as a sales associate is somewhat difficult on days like this.

So to occupy my time, my coworker and I started IMing each other about cartoons of yesteryear and the horrible graphics of cartoons nowadays. Our kids will be exposed to these works of art, not the stuff being peddled today.

In honor of such greatness, I present one of my faves...Lambert, the Sheepish Lion.

Lambert, the Sheepish Lion

Others, which I should start looking for now, include the Silly Symphonies (the one with Water Babies).

Never heard of it? That's a shame. I am nice and found it for your viewing enjoyment.

Walt Disney's MerBabies

What great fun.

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Rocketgirl said...

Amean to marriage being work! Our first year was quite an adjustment, and just as soon as we figured it out, BAM year two hit us between the eyes!! Ah well:) thanks for the loverly comments. And wow, back in the day cartoons were like crack for me. Now looking back, WOW some of them stunk. I tried to watch the Smurfs Christmas special but.... whew doggies. It wasn't like it used to be:) have a loverly day!