Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Self-sufficient Animal

So I got home from work today and went to the gym (can I get a big hoo-RAH!) and didn't want to keep Thunder pent up in his little 2'x1' kennel for another hour, so I took him outside, let him do his business (one of them at least) and put his little bed and rope -chew-toy thing in the bathroom with his food and water, fully knowing I would have his #2 to clean up when I let him out in an hour.

I get home, and voila! he's def. done his do, but apparently cleaned it himself...use your imagination. Seriously, I think this is why he was puking last week. But could you imagine? All you'd have to do is feed the little creatures once or twice a week and let them go!

On another vein of the poo matter, (sorry, I must be fixated with it at present) we got a letter in the mail from our HOA (I HATE HOAs, btw) saying we didn't clean up our dog's mess and there are EYE witnesses who have complained. ....riiiight. We live on the bottom floor, let our dog out through the patio doors and he comes back in 10 or 15 min or whenever he gets cold. Usually Ryan and I are diligent in cleaning up at the end of the day or when we see it, but honestly people...$50 for poop?! Clearly someone has an issue with Ryan and I, probably because we're not overly outgoing/hey-let's-call-up-the-neighbors or super-active in our ward.

C'est la vie.

OH! I almost forgot the most important discovery I had today. Coldstone offers free ice cream on your birthday!!!

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Little Miss said...

what?! free ice cream on your birthday?!! I am so there. Oh wait, July is still 5 months away.


Oooh. Crap--that is sooo wrong. I loathe HOAs! I had to join the board just so I could fend for myself, and our little "neighborhood" is only 22 homes!! and yet...so MUCH DRAMA!

and $50?! wow.