Tuesday, July 03, 2007

My New Toaster

My parents are here this week for my sister's birfday and they brought up my car with them - hooray!

It's def. not the prettiest on the outside, but seriously, this lil toaster is so fun to drive and SO spacious inside. I would recommend this car to anyone (and I got a sweeeeet deal on it, so it makes it that much awesomer).


exclusive_remedy said...

Dude! You got a new car? That is so sweet! Congrats. I bet it cost you a pretty penny - but maybe not. So how is life treating you other than that?

Chelsea and Ryan said...

Hiya! It actually wasn't that expensive. My dad bought it at an auto auction in AZ (it was reposessed) and fixed it up and sold it to me for a little more than he paid for it. The engine is wimpy and it def. can't be climbing hills all the time, but it's going to be a good little car for years to come.

the keele's said...

i think it is cute. suits you very well also!! awe nice! your hair does match it haha!