Friday, August 10, 2007

Gracias to LeahMarie

I got LeahMarie if you couldn't already guess by the title. This is probably the only one of these I'll do, and it's only being done because she mentioned my name specifically.

I don't mind these things, but 10 yrs ago is a long time for me to remember...

Five things I was doing 10 years ago:

1. Starting my sophomore year at Kingman High

2. Just getting my driver's permit and taking drivers ed with this big teacher dude that had a HUGE beer gut and I think might have also been a track coach.

3. Okay, this is lame, but I can't think of 2 other things (technically 3)


Five songs I know the lyrics to:

1. Toni Braxton's Unbreak My Heart - no clue why I loved it so much.

2. Almost any song by Jem (who we're naming our first girl after)

3. Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson

4. Around the World - Daft Punk (he he...this is a funny one if you've ever seen THIS and THIS)

5. If you like pina coladas

Five Things I Would Buy if I Were a Millionaire:

1. Pay off debt (that's not really buying things, though, because they've already been bought, right?)

2. A modest house. nothing too flashy, because lets be honest, those are well over a million dollars nowadays

3. A vacation home in Portugal (for Ryan)...again modestly priced.

4. plastic surgery :)

5. a lifetime gym pass.

Five Things I Would Never Wear Again:

1. The skinny clothes I wore 2 yrs ago. Oh, i'll get skinny again, but those are out of style now.

2. Second pair of earrings (thanks, leahmarie, i agree)

3. Gaucho pants. I love them, but when Ryan and i were dating I bought a pair and he absolutely hated them so I never wore them again. I should have taken them back but I didn't know how things would turn out for us and other people complimented them, so now they're in my closet and will probably go to DI

4. Dresses with sunflowers and lace on them. (Nat and Becka might cringe at this answer because it seems a bit mean....but it's true! I wore that garb in 7th grade and I struggled with it then!)

5. Matching shirt tops with stretchy shorts...they really shouldn't have ever been invented. (Mine had those ever-appearing sunflowers on them)

Five Things I Would Like to Do:

1. Explore Spain and Portugal

2. Buy and old house and restore it to its arts and crafts house preferrably

3. Have kids (sometime next year, actually)

4. Pay off debt and live comfortably

5. Somehow make gas prices be perma-low.

Five Favorite Toys:

1. My husband

2. The internet

3. modpodge

4. TV and Tivo (DVR? I'm too cheap for actual TiVo, whatever comcast has)

5. my oven.


Nat said...

Holy cow Chels... I knew I wasn't the only one cringing yesterday.

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