Saturday, September 22, 2007


I love the rain. I love sitting inside with windows open, screen doors closed, just listening to it. I don't know why but it always makes me want to bake cookies. So tonight, I threw in a few pumpkin chocolate chip cookies (frozen dough leftover from Kayleigh's open house) and ate them while I watched the rest of The Wedding Date on TBS and browsed the internet. (I found this cute magazine online called SMALL. Anyone heard of it before?)

The only thing that would make this better is if Ryan was home from work and we were watching a romantic comedy or one of those spooky movies that I can only stand watching with someone else in the room.

Anyways, the movie is over and Serendipity came on, something I'm really not interested in watching at present, so I continue to listen to the rain get heavier and cease to a sprinkle...and I smell it! it.

Dirty Jobs with Mike Rowe is exploring a Chick Hatchery and the job is Chick Sexer...of course, the info on Comcasts guide hooks me and this job baffles me....who knew that you could squeeze poo out of chicks to determine their sex. What a fun job you have, Mike Rowe.

Nothing new on this front. I found the cutest stuff at Michael's today while I gathered some supplies to work on halloween decor. I have been looking everywhere for black glitter and it turns out that Walmart sells it in little tubes (i think it's a measly ounce) and NO ONE around here sells it in quantities larger than that. Darn it. Looks like I'll be buying them one at a time, as I can find them.

Almost finished with some other projects, just a few last steps to finish them off and then I'll post pics for all.

Enjoy the rain, everyone!

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Leah Marie said...

If you're loving the rain you should TOTALLY move to Florida. I'd be pleased with that arrangement. :-)