Monday, October 01, 2007

I love the weekends

Mostly because I don't have to go to work and leave a sleeping husband in the bed (where i'd sooo much rather be), but also because I get to craft and do fun things I don't do during the week, even when Ryan IS at work.

Saturday, my sisters Kayleigh, Tara, and I all hung out. Kayleigh is leaving on a mission to the Philipines in 10 days and this was the last Saturday she'd be here to hang out with. I planned on meeting them after they had lunch (at Red Robin - YUM!) to get pedicures and go see a movie, then have dinner and then come to my house to play, but we went to the pedicure place and didn't really want to wait 30 minutes or so, so instead we saw a movie (Sydney White - $1theater movie for sure - don't pay full price) and went to Chinese Gourmet Buffet around 16th North in Orem. It was delicious but I was full after my first plate!

I went shopping, spent WAY too much money (handsoap, wallflower [everyone raves and now I will, too! they smell so gooood], clinique counter) but got some much needed essentials.

Sunday I ended up making these couple of things...and now I'm noticing I need to iron the FALL sign, but dang, it's so cute!

I'm going to make another tonight that says HARVEST. I used to handcut everything and use fusible web/stitch witchery to bind them, but sewing is def. the way to go. Cute, huh? oh, and I'm thinking I brushed too much glitter off the SCARY on my frame....need to fix that!

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Evonne said...

Glad to know it's a $1 movie - I secretly long to see the teeny-bopper movie now and again. And now I know who to invite! :)

I love the fall sign! How did you do that? My goal in life is to steal every one of your cute ideas...I love all of your stuff!