Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pregnancy Tests

So let me just start off that no, I'm not pregnant. I wish I were, but I'm not.

But peeing on a stick wouldn't tell me that...because the last 3 tests I've used seem to be faulty or not work correctly or human error.

So I got a prescription refill of Medroxy, which I guess is progesterone and will help me start ovulating (which is currently the problem), but I didn't want to start taking it until I took one last prego test, just to be sure.

What does it mean when the last 3 tests you've used don't have the little line show up in the controlled section? Something is wrong with my pee. There's no way there are that many faulty tests, esp. since they're all 3 different brands (first was dollar store, second was walmart brand, then got FactPlus) and I just got a negative in the negative area and a very very faint line (if you could call it a line) in the controlled section. On the cheapo one I, um, kind of screwed that one up myself because it's not as easy as just peeing on a stick. I ended up with the line bleeding through the whole thing. Weird, I know, but leave it up to me!

So, I'm about 99% sure I'm not pregnant and now I get to start another cycle of prescriptions and hope that this one results in either a period or pregnancy...cuz this whole 'you're not getting either' business makes me unhappy. Merry-barren-Christmas.


shannon said...

LOL, not that it was funny, but i love the Merry-barren-Christmas part. it just gets more and more depressing as it doesn't me, i should know. i get all the "so when's the next one?" and i just wanna say, "none of your damn business"

Natalie said...

Know what? It wouldn't surprise me if they were all faulty. I went through a lot of those things the summer I got pregnant and about 1/3 of them (expensive and Smith's brand) ended up faulty. I think they're stupid. :)

Evonne said...

I'm with Shannon on that comment - "Merry-Barren-Christmas" made me giggle just a bit.

Peeing on sticks is never fun. I just hope yours comes out positive soon - can't wait to see baby Alexander someday! :)