Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Bargain Maven

I'm happy to share as many deals with you as I can, so I have a few that I just emailed to a friend and thought, eh, everyone could benefit:

1) www.retailmenot.com

I'm all about coupon codes for ANYTHING I buy online. This one seems to have a great number of coupon codes. Usually if I can't find anything just through a google search, I try Retail Me Not. which leads me to #2

2) www.ebates.com/doublebonusoffer/index.htm?id=33318165

If you sign up through the link below:


I'll get $10 when you sign up and YOU'LL get $10 when you sign up through my email address: chelseacc@hotmail.com and then make your first purchase. (Typically you get a $5 bonus from a referral but they're running a promotion.) So Ebates is an awesome site where you go shopping online at the same stores you usually do, but if you go to ebates and then to another site (overstock, for example) and follow the link to Overstock, you'll get an additional 4% rebate on your purchase. AND you can use promo codes (retailmenot.com) in addition to this option. The $10 referral is only available until Feb 14th, so sign up your first account with my email address and then send out referalls to all yours and get bookoo bucks after they make their first purchase through Ebates. *if you want more details on why they'll give you money, go here: http://www.ebates.com/help/how_ebates_works.htm?navigation_id=18452

I gave my sis this bargain yesterday and instead of spending $420 on an armoire, she got it for $379, PLUS she'll get a check in the mail from Ebates for $15 from her purchase at overstock and $10 referral signup: she's getting it for $355! How sweet is that - I should be the favorite sister.

3) http://www.todaysdod.com

This is an awesome site that shows all of the hot bargains of the day from a number of sites, including Woot and Ihavetohavethat.com. They tell you how many hours are left for the deal, what the sellout likelihood is and how hot the link is.

So, I hope these help all you bargainistas out there on saving a little bit more money. AND, please use my email address (chelseacc@hotmail.com) when you sign up for ebates! then you can send out to all your contacts and get some sweet sweet signup bonus action.

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