Monday, February 04, 2008

Baby Shower and Thrifty Weekend

My crafty-friend Evonne is 6 weeks from delivering her first baby boy and her awesome friends threw her a fun baby shower this weekend. I finished my WIP blanket, just barely. Minutes before I dashed out the door, I pulled the blanket from the dryer and didn't even think about getting a picture of it, dang it. It's so cute and I hope she really likes it.

I love hanging out with girls like that. I think I need to do it more often instead of being a loner. I'm not saying I don't like being alone, but for my social well-being, I probably ought to hang out with girls more. The shower was until 1 but most ended up staying until almost 2. She's going to have one cute cute boy.

Later that night Ryan headed off to work while Kayleigh moved stuff into her new apartment and she and I headed to DI in search of a bed frame or futon for her. She found neither, but instead scored an awesome nightstand for $5 in the yard section (which I'd never been out to before - totally has better stuff. I found this really cool cottage-y looking sideboard that had a built in turntable and old school radio that I would love to have...although, in order to make it functional I'd have to rip out the radio and recordplayer...) and I think she and I will have a furniture refinishing party and make it look new. I picked up a couple books, one somewhat new and this awesome Wedding Etiquette Guide from the 1940s. I originally got the old book to tear apart and use the pages in craft projects, but now I'm thinking I'll just photocopy the pages I want and keep the book intact....not sure yet.

Yesterday Ryan's alarm didn't go off at the time we set it for church so we woke up 20 min before meetings started and there was NO way we'd make it in time. I would have had to shower, do my hair, everything, PLUS iron my skirt. So I enjoyed sleeping until 10:45 and doing nothing all day except sweep and vacuum, a couple loads of dishes and make some awesome beef stew. Such a lazy Sunday, which, oddly enough, I'm exhausted this morning.

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shannon said...

so bummed i had to miss the shower, collin got really sick with a sinus infection and we were at the doctor...ugh! so is kayleigh home?