Friday, March 26, 2010

Random Pictures from my Phone

just uploaded them all to my computer and cleared them off the card in my phone. loved going through them and decided to share.even at half off, they were still $50 each. i'm too cheap.
um...he was hungry?
most correct piggy bank ever
i think i took this picture 4 yrs ago. i really raelly like this idea. so simple. it'd be a good super saturday activity.
my bros at their mission farewell last march - can't believe it's been a year!
they came and they are so cute
regretting not buying this at an estate sale last fall. I think they only wanted $60 for it and It would have been an easy re-upholster job. oh, well. next time
how I often find my pup when I can't find him anywhere else

out of my price range visitors last august

light blue leather couch - really really wanted it. I went to visit it 3 times.
that's an airplane barf bag and my ipod. pure genius, no?
took this image in a florist shop almost 3 yrs ago. still love it.


Becka Dietrich said...

Love the randomness and how everything is so you.
The piggy banks are hilarious, it'd be even better if the 'his money' fed into the 'her money' somehow. Now THAT would be the most correct piggy bank ever.

Tara said...

I saw those at a TJ Maxx two days ago for $5, want me to go get them?