Tuesday, June 15, 2010

If Only There was a Fence

I've decided I'd like chickens.

We had little chickens when I was growing up. From ages 13-15, or round about there, we had chickens illegally in our backyard, alongside my 4-H goat and my bunnies.
{This is kind of what my bunnies looked like. Google Jersey Wooley Rabbit and look at the babies. ADORABLE}

But look how cute these are! I want chickens. No rooster, just a few egg-laying chicks.

Here's the problem. Our pot-smoking, beer-loving neighbors have two dogs. Two HUGE dogs. One is a doberman and the other is something else. But they're huge and they would kill chickens with one bite.

So, I think we need a fence.

Chickens would be minimal care, eat all the bugs for some great protein, and I'd even let them have a strawberry or two. And just think of all the fabulously fresh eggs!

The city of Lawrence now allows 5 chickens per household. Awesome, right? So, as long as there aren't any roosters I don't think any neighbors would mind.

Obviously not this year, since we'd do a vinyl fence and those are $$$, but maybe next?

Anyone have chickens? Pros? Cons?


Pixie said...

we have eight hens. Pros: they are always happy to see you, eggs, bug control, fertilizer, kitchen scrap disposal. Cons: fencing, escaping chickens, neighbour complaints about smell, etc, garden destruction, added pet responsibility, added vet bills

We love our girls. I sell eggs to recoup some of the costs of feed, etc and when folks find out I have chickens, it gives us more to talk about!

Natalie said...

I want chickens someday :)

megs said...

You totally should! My parents have chickens, and love them. They have decided fresh eggs are best, and there is just something nostalgic about going out into the yard and seeing the chickens. My mom always takes Minuet out and they watch them eat, it is funny.

Amy Shupe said...

I think chickens would be awesome to have. In our neighborhood they just outlawed having chickens. They say the roosters are too noisy and the hens are because when they get excited or lay an egg the are loud. But if I could, I would do it in a heartbeat.