Saturday, September 25, 2010

Lately I...

...have been all over the place (more on that later) in a figural and literal sense.

...have been enjoying this awesome weekend weather. Cool to the point of cold and I love it. favorite time of the year. having my toenails painted. Pedicure has lasted a month {with every other weekly touch-ups}.

...hate being a girl. so grateful for the place I am in my life. It's not where I would have thought I'd be 5 years ago but I'm content for the time being.

...think my husband is pretty much the best person ever. {but not just lately}.

...have been dressing in cuter clothes and feel pretty when I make an effort. the scent of sunless tanner, not to mention the effects!

More updates to come. Hopefully soon.

1 comment:

exclusive_remedy said...

I hope more updates come soon as well - I miss you! I like feeling connected to you through your blog (this isn't to make you feel guilty, I suck at updating too, I am just saying). *hugs*