Friday, February 18, 2011

More Room in the Laundry Room

I have a problem: not enough storage.

Also, buying more things. Buying things that I don't have room for. See how this works? Clearly, I don't.

I needed a shelf to store all my serving platters and bowls. I really didn't need too much height, just enough so a huge bowl would fit.

Solution? Add one in the laundry room, above the existing.

I needed to fit all this back into the laundry room, PLUS the platters. Some things might not make the cut, but time will tell.

Now here are a bunch of befores:
I really wanted to move the ironing board so it's not hitting the wall when the washer and dryer get moved around. And also, figure out something to do with the mop/swiper {the un-Swiffer} and broom. It all got its own place to hang. Easy solution.

And some afters:
*disclaimer - the pictures all have different colors in them because of user error. and by that it means I should have tried taking them all during the day instead of only some of them.*

Overall, I'm pleased. There are a few things I need to move and put away and I'd like to have a few more labels made...maybe even some baskets to hide some of the unnecessary ugliness, but one thing at a time.

Also, just a note that it's mostly for function, not for looks.
Next up, the pit of despair craft room.


Kerrie Anne said...

Will you come live with me and make my living space all cutesy? I need your creativity!

megs said...

I love it! I am totally inspired to look at my laundry room now, since I totally don't have it looking nice OR use my space efficiently. Baby steps, one fix at a time, and good luck on the pit of despair.. ha. I'm tackling my 'office' next, and have the same name for it.

Cait said...

how creative! Great for all those random kitchen things that are nice to have for parties, but you don't really use that often.

Too bad our laundry room is downstairs from our kitchen!

Becka Dietrich said...

Love it. It's amazing what a coat of white paint and some cute decorating items will do.