Friday, March 18, 2011

Updating a Bathroom {without breaking the bank}

Last month I saw a post on House of Smiths about a quick update for their master bathroom floor. Seriously? They did it for under $45? No way. Sign me up.

The Lowes in Topeka sells these "planks" for $0.88 each. Each one is a square foot. I needed approximately 50-55sqft. I couldn't tell because the shape of our bathroom is funky. So I guessed.

You might be asking yourself, "what was in their bathroom that made it so horrible?"

Well, let me show you. This is what it looked like when we moved in. Awful stains {highlighted by all the awesome arrows} and all.
A huge cut in the linoleum from one doorway to the other. It doesn't even make sense why it's there.

First, I scrubbed the floor with a TSP solution and let it dry. Then I used this bottle of Henry Floor Primer {cost: $6.55} and primed the floor and let it dry for about 2 1/2 hours - the bottle says to let it dry completely before you begin.
You can see the primer if you look closely. It smelled like perm solution and looked like skim milk.
Then I spent the next 6 hours laying the planks.

{And I wanted to add that I'm not really THAT slow, there were about 4 or 5 pieces that caused some undue stress. Right around the door frames. The final piece took me a full hour last night. So, I'm thinking those 4-5 pieces probably took me about 4 hours and the other two were the rest of the floor}
And removing the toilet.
I love how it turned out. In the poor lighting of our bathroom, it actually looks really good!
And just so you can see it with the awful lighting to compare to the before pictures, I've turned on all the lights and snapped a picture or two.
For $55? Worth every penny!

Next up, new toilet.
Has anyone installed a toilet? Would you be interested in a step by step of the process?

Then thinking about staining the vanity.


exclusive_remedy said...

Holy cow, I am way impressed! It looks so great! It is amazing how much those things can make a huge difference in the look of the room. You are amazing - keep up the good work :D

Audrey said...

that looks so good! i love how you just jump in and learn how to do what you want to do, and it turned out so nice. can't wait to see the rest!

laura said...

love it! love it! love it!

Chelsea said...

Thanks, girls! It really only took a straight edge and a utility knife - which I didn't have until Ryan got home. In the meantime, I scored everything with a pocket knife. That could be why it took so long.

Erin_Skidmore said...

what a great project!!! that has got to take some skill!!

Becka Dietrich said...

You are so freaking amazing. $55!?!? Chelsea, the room is so awesome. I used that bathroom and can attest that it was...not loved. Good work girl.

Jillian said...

Good grief, you are amazing!! I am constantly amazed at your creativity and ability to do things like this. I wish I had more of that in me. Hugs!!

Micah and Melinda said...

Amazing! You are so wonderful!

Natalie said...

So... you just put those planks right on top of the linoleum? You didn't have to rip it out? I'm game :)

Ashley Lauren Trunnell said...

I had no idea you did that! I am still shocked that it was that cheap. You should be a professional deal finder.