Monday, June 06, 2011

Old + New + Borrowed + Blue Bridal Shower Invites

I stole the theme idea from my blogging friend Laura! Go check out the cute shower she threw last month!

One of my bff's is getting married on Saturday in Utah. Huzzah, Becka!

I'm putting together a great girls' night/bridal shower for her TWO short days before her wedding. Talk about last minute, right? Right. It's going to be great seeing all the fun girls she's friends with and some friends I haven't seen in a long time.

I dreamed up these invitations one night and they quickly got ridiculously out of control. But that's how I do it. We all know this.

I'll give you a quick run-down of the steps, should you want to recreate something similar.

Banners: sculpey clay and/or fimo clay, hand molded into the desired shape. Stamped with $0.99 alphabet stamps purchased from Roberts Crafts here in Utah. Oven-baked for 13 minutes on 230 F. Used a tiny drill to make the holes I punched pre-baking MUCH bigger to thread ribbon through.

Silhouettes: chalkboard contact paper found at Michael's. You can get a roll for $5. I used maybe a 1/2 roll for 18 invites.

Envelopes are old 5x7 manilas that I bought at an estate sale. They're probably 30 years old but got the job done.
Then this all went into a 6x9 manila envelope to mail. They all arrived safe and sound, no broken banners and without padding. Thank you, Postal Service! {Good to know for future mailings.}

I love how it all came together. I had to keep one for myself so the bride will have to steal one from one of her sisters to keep!


laura said...

oh my goodness those put my dinky little invites to SHAME!


Chelsea said...

Yours were so cute! I had such a hard time coming up with something that I had to look to yours SEVERAL times for inspiration!

Jessi said...

You are SO talented. I love the sculpey clay shape.

Becka Beacham said...

These were so cool! I still need to steal someone's to have for my scrapbook. Everyone was so impressed Chels. I kept saying, "I know, Chelsea is so amazing!"
Love ya. Thanks for throwing a fantastic party for me to send me off into married bliss.

HeatherPJ said...

These are so wonderful! Great job! I'll have to remember this shower theme for when one of my sister's get married.