Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yard Sale in July = HOT

I know what I was thinking. I walked in my house after 5 weeks away and wanted to walk right back out. I have created a Monster House!

Immediately I thought, "this has got to go." YARDSALE!

What I didn't account for was the following list:

cleaning and sorting
set up
take down
and worst of all, the HEAT and HUMIDITY of July.

It wasn't as awful as today {the high is 100F} but it was pretty miserable.

Ryan and I got sunburned while taking everything down and loading the majority of leftovers into the car, destined for a short drive to Salvation Army.

All in all, I'm quite pleased with the amount of unnecessary stuff we relinquished.

But my goal was to make $200, which we happily met! Huzzah!

I think the next time I consider having a yard sale, it will ONLY happen in cooler weather.

The winner of the Tiny Party Kit is Audrey {user MarcusJ}. Sorry it took me so long! I almost totally forgot :| Audrey, please email me your mailing address:

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Becka Beacham said...

My mom used to have a garage sale every year. She'd spend the week before prepping, putting out ads, signs, pricing. Then at 5am she'd head out to the garage and pull everything out into the yard and driveway for the early birds at 7am. She'd make $300 or so.

One year she didn't have time; they took everything to DI. Dad tracked everything and got such a HUGE tax credit they got a $850 tax refund.

Moral of the story: give your crap to DI; you'll get more money with less hassle.