Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's the Happs?

I've joined the 21st Century and gotten a phone that can take decent pictures. This is what I've been filling it up with and chronicling my travels with.

We found this coffee table on craigslist in the FREE section! Score, huh?!
This isn't new, but it's so cute. I don't have much room for it but I'm not willing to just get rid of it. I'll eventually have the need. Eventually...sigh.
From a high chair to a play table/chair. So cute, huh?
Girls Camp Craft (1 of 3)

out with the old couch (which was sold on craigslist)
...and in with the new....
...with matching side chairs (2)
aren't these SO cute!
love this light fixture. the lighter spots are crystals - and this is actually mcdonalds - go figure!
the Peabody Library in Baltimore
Isn't it the most amazing thing...EVER?!
I've never been to a library like this in my life. Larger than life
dog days of Summer
the smallest roma tomatoes I've ever seen, but they're home-grown and delicious!
the small yellows are cherry tomatoes and to-die-for!

Now that Summer has slowed down/ended-for-me I should be updating more often.


Erin_Skidmore said...

love that coffee table!!!

audrey said...

love the vintage high chair. my mom has one and it is so nice, much smaller than the ones you can buy now. def. hang on to it!

Kate said...

I'm totally in love with that free coffee table!! You definitely have a talent for finding stuff like that!!