Sunday, January 01, 2012

Vanilla - Out and About

Did I tell you my friend Laura designed the vanilla labels for me?

She did such an awesome job. I tweaked them a little because I fell in love with a shape that was/is exclusive to Silhouette, but the design is ALL her!

While at Spark I met April Atwater, an amazing woman, a strong leader, and a creative giant!

She's working on her own magazine, Simply the Sweet Life. This is her second year and it looks to be great!

I provided her with some product and I was supposed to provide her with a little bio, but, uh, yeah...I got really busy, really, really quickly and I dropped the ball. Still, she was SO kind to include me in her December/Winter issue of Simply the Sweet Life.

Which you can read here:

You can see my beauts on page 55.

Also, if you follow the amazingly cute party blog, One Charming Party, a recent post included a recipe and a bottle of 16oz Vanilla peaking up from the bottom of the picture:

It was pretty awesome to open my email for one of the daily posts and see a picture of something I created!

Now that December is over (the busiest month I've had in a LONG time), AND I'm well into my second trimester, I feel better and have a little more energy to get crafty and maybe even share it with everyone!


Alicia said...

So cool! And awesome to be featured!

I've been loving the one you gave me, and am already thinking about rationing it :)

Karen Ruth said...

Awesome! We already knew how talented you are, but it's fun to see the internet learning about you too!

laura said...

Thanks for the props! The 'vintage kitchen' labels looked great, too! And your whole booth set up was adorable! Where did you find the stove?

The photographs in the magazine are beautiful! I have a feeling your vanilla is going to start being in high demand soon!

April said...

You're pretty cool:) This is just the beginning, right?