Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Fondue Fun

It's been forever and so much has happened in the last 3 weeks or so. First of all, I had people over for my birthday so I wouldn't be alone while Ryan was up at USU interviewing for grad school. He was so sweet. He ended up coming home early and so it was fun having family and friends here.

- On a side note...sad! Ryan heard back from USU already and it looks like his "areas of interest aren't what [USU] is currently looking for" and we are so bummed because once I started looking for houses and figured we could get something comparable for about $20k less than our house now. Anyways, if we don't get into UofU we'll wait until next year. We might even if we DO get in....

Back to me. So my title suggests Fondue. For my birthday present, my sisters Hillary and Tara registered me for a class at the Kitchen at Thanksgiving Point. One of the managers from The Melting Pot in SLC taught us some of the most delicious ways to host a fondue party for a small intimate group or a large crowd. Kayleigh asked before the class, "what's to know about fondue?"

Actually, quite a bit! Instead of cooking meats in oil (traditional way) they use vegetable broth and add spices and flavors to make it oh-so-delicious and healthy. I tried salmon, ahi tuna, shrimp, pork, duck, chicken, and of course, beef sirloin. Then they serve the meats with a selection of dipping sauces...mmmm....I'm getting the recipes!!

So it was totally worth the 2+ hours in the class. appetizer, entree, dessert. fabulous! If you want the dessert recipes, lemme know. They're sooo easy and freaking awesome.

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reva said...

Holy crap I want a fondue class!! I'm addicted to fondue pots and cheese fondue - when you get recipes, please share!!