Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Birthday, Ryan!

Thursday was Ryan's 25th birthday (yes, I'm older) and I wanted to make some sort of decoration and tried my hand at the sign posted a few weeks ago. Well, I couldn't find the exact colors the original creator used, nor did I get my font big enough before cutting my letters out. I actually LOVE how mine came out. It's cute and not too 'in your face'. I strung the letters together with wired ric rac (I didn't know it was wired when I bought it). If anyone wants one, let me know. I think I'm going to make more (in a few diff color schemes) and sell them on Etsy

So for his birthday, he worked until 11pm. I made him a mini-german chocolate cake for that night but it has yet to be eaten.

I invited people over for desserts last night around 8:30 (3-layer german chocolate cake with coconut pecan frosting, cheesecake, and Texas sheet cake) and when 9pm rolled around and only my sister was here, I was feeling kind of bad. It turns out that all of his work friends he invited were out hunting for 2 punks that decided to 'run' as they call it. Basically, they 'left' campus unauthorized and everyone was out looking for the kids. Ruined my favorite's b-day. His brothers and one of his sisters came, as did our favorite Marcus. It was fun.

BUT! We did make new friends! We've lived in our house for almost a year now and we really don't know any of our neighbors. Sure, we say hi in passing, but nothing like inviting them over for bbq's or things like that. It's a two way street and we both are going the wrong way, apparently. Anyways, so our new friends, who I'll call "Dan" and his wife "Casey" came over and we talked from 9 until they left at midnight. We are so excited to have friends! They seem very similar in personalities to us. Dan is in law enforcement and loves computer gaming (Ryan's fave pasttime) and Casey worked/works in the scrapbook industry, mostly travelling around the country for tradeshows. How fun is that?!

We met them because they have a little dog named Choco. Seriously, he's one of the smallest chihuahua's I've seen. I don't think he's more than 3 lbs. and makes our little Thunder (who's 7.5 lbs) seem like a giant. The dogs were playing one evening while Ryan was outside and I went out after washing dishes and the four of us ended up talking for a couple of hours. They showed us how they tiled their condo and it gave us some great ideas for the laminate flooring we're wanting.

Friends. are. great. and we have some!!!

We're def. going to have to hang out with them again and go camping while the weather is absolutely gee-orr-jus.

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hillary said...

LOVE the birthday banner! I'm the junkiest sister ever - I didn't even realize it was Ryan's birthday on Thursday. Too bad the crazies escaped & had to be rounded up. They did get rounded up, right?