Thursday, April 26, 2007

Wii Win

Ryan finally won me over and bought a Wii. He used a huge chunk of change he got for his birthday and then I approved the other funding (i manage bills, therefore, I approve) so he could get up early Monday morning and get to Target. All said and done, it almost cost as much as his wedding band. I know.

BUT! It's so much fun. I'll admit I haven't had the overwhelming desire to hook it up while he's been at work (I've been crafty)but we had our friends over on Monday night and we played for a bit. Saddest thing is, bowling. me and bowling. I scored about the same on the game as I do at the real alley. Usually at the alley I get at least one strike. My best was a spare. Tiffany actually kicked all of us to the curb with a score over 140. Next closest was 102. me? 74. Seriously.

We had dinner with them at Fuddruckers first. I ordered a kids meal and was pleasantly surprised I couldn't finish the burger. And for only $3.25? Such a deal.

Their newborn was an angel. Thunder was quite fascinated with him as well and tried to gobble his little fingers and toes. Brenton really wasn't too thrilled about a warm wet tongue on his face and screwed up his little mouth in protest. Adorable. I want a baby, dagnabit.


ThorpeFamily said...

haha nice I'm boxing!! Alan has convinced me to take some of the tax refund and get him a wii as well! lol. Thanks for having us! It was lots of fun... and we were sore for days! Which doesn't say a lot for our physically fit part. haha.

Chelsea and Ryan said...

So funny!

My sister's came over and played for the first time and she kicked butt at boxing, but she was sore yesterday, too.

Don't worry about the physically fit part. I took the Wii fitness test and my fitness age is 41...SADNESS!

Gingerlylizzy said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! Your stuff is so cute... I just may have to make a purchase!

exclusive_remedy said...

Hey Chels,
I noticed that you sold your first item on Etsy! Congrats! That is way cool! I bet you will have to orders rolling in now. Yay for you!

the keele's said...

awe thanks for looking! i think my mom said she replied to you about the fabrics. haha! anyways richard says hi and it was so fun. i guess your really crafty and cook well. man have i got some living up to do. im learning!!!!!!