Monday, March 17, 2008

Ellie Jellie

Since many of you visit my sister's blog and probably have noticed there aren't any new pictures of my niece, I decided to post some that Tara took while visiting our big sis' family

Clearly these pictures are almost identical, but they're the only ones I have.

Isn't she cute!

****Thanks for letting me know the links didn't work, Mandi-loo! They should be working now.****


exclusive_remedy said...

She's not cute at all - she is just a couple of little squares! Okay, well obviously the picture's are not showing up on my computer for some reason. But I bet she is way cute.

shannon said...

okay, since i've been dying for more photos of her, thanks!!! she's just precious, but i want to see her eyes...are they like callie's?