Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Movie Review

****I have new craft projects I've been working on and as soon as I take some decent pictures and finish them, I'll share****

I seem to be watching a lot of movies as of late, so, here is a completely biased review of the last 5 I've seen (all rentals):


- This movie was completely not what I expected it to be. From the previews I expected a dark mysterious love story gone wrong. And while it does contain most of those elements, it's more. What I liked most is the story is presented as an account from 3 different perspectives: Briony (little sister), Cecelia (big sister), Robbie (family friend/gardener). It dragged me through a range of emotions from hot-and-bothered to bawling for 5 minutes after the movie ended.

Overall: A+ Rated: R for sexual content and language

August Rush

- A coming-into-your-own fairytale of sorts. Freddy Highmore does such a great job playing someone younger than he is (he was FIFTEEN when he filmed this). Robin Williams' character reminds me of the guy in Pinnochio who lures the boys to Pleasure Island. I also had the idea that Keri Russell was a spoiled brat in the movie and I was completely off-base. Movie is definitely a feel-good, however the emotions could be influenced by the music. I was in tears by the end and Ryan's eyes were brimming but I didn't see a tear fall.

Overall: A- Don't know the rating and I'm too lazy to look it up. Guessing PG

****Okay, I'll try to make these next ones shorter...this post is getting too long****

Dan in Real Life

- Reminded me of Meet the Parents, but not as awkward and embarassing, plus the overall movie and message makes it worth the tense moments. Juliette Binoche is the perfect actress for this character. She reminds me a little of Conny, of one of my old roommates from Germany.Anyways, it has a great family message and one of love and self-discovery.

Overall: B+ Rated: PG-13

Jane Austen Book Club

- I don't know if anyone else has seen this or is as big of an Austen nut as I am (okay, I shouldn't say nut, because I've only watched the movies and read 2 of her 6 novels), but I love Pride and Prejudice SO much that I try to read everything related to it, esp. if it's about teh A&E version of P&P with Colin Firth - yum-o. This one was more about relationships between women and their significant others. While some of them parallel the themes of Austen's works, overall the movie took its own life. It didn't pick up as quickly or as much as I wish it would have, but it's okay if you need something to watch while you're scrapbooking or doing another craft project.

Overall: B+ Rated: PG-13 (I think)

Persuasion (2007 - Sally Hawkins version)

- Again, if you're an Austen fan you'll love this one. It's the tale of an 1800's girl who rejects a proposal and then a year later the dude comes back into her life. Through a number of meetings and misunderstandings, they finally end up together again. I didn't think I'd like this version, just because I know there's a 4-hr version out there that is probably better, but I have yet to watch it to compare. (It's on my wishlist of things I covet) It's a short movie (think Kiera Knightly vs of P&P) but in the end I was once again in tears because of the happy ending (notice a trend?)

Overall: A++ Rated: PG

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exclusive_remedy said...

Oh man, the girl in Dan in Real Life reminded me a little of Conny too! That is so crazy! Also, your links in your previous post totally do work now and she is totally cute! I am going home soon so I can post pics of my little nephew soon. Yay!

shannon said...

oh my gosh, i LOVED jane austen book club, august rush, and dan in real life! i am dying to see atonement, do they still have clean flicks around here??? and i haven't seen persuasion, can you get it at blockbuster???

hillary said...

Quit watching R-rated movies! And I can't believe you only gave Dan in Real Life a B+! It was a solid A if you ask me, maybe even A+ since I'd watch it again, and I don't enjoy watching many movies a 2nd time. I'm not sure we can trust your movie ratings if you give a movie that you say is good while doing a hobby a B+! A movie that is only good to watch while you're busy shouldn't be rated higher than a C. A B+ movie is still worth sitting & watching.

Chelsea said...

Atonement was good enough, though. Because it's British, they drop the fword a lot. And I wouldn't/couldn't stop watching Bridget Jones!!

These are completely my opinion. I think you can watch any movie while doing a hobby, and it's still good. I watch P&P all the time while my ratings aren't based solely on that.

Dan in Real Life - I'd watch it again, but it's a movie I wouldn't buy. That's how I rate. If I'd buy it, gets an A, something I'd watch again but not buy - automatically in the B category.

Gingerlylizzy said...

I know you are busy, but I MISS YOUR UPDATES!

reva said...

I need to see those movies, I loooove your reviews, keep them coming! or anything for that matter... MISS YOU!!!

Byt the way, feel free to stop by for my latest entry - I got the coolest present EVER!!