Saturday, September 06, 2008

HomeMade Christmas

A few days ago I suggested to Ryan that we should make Christmas more meaningful by making as many of our gifts as possible. What does that mean? Well, for starters, a lot more work for me. It will take a lot of organization and starting projects NOW {as in, I should have already started} for me to be done in time for the Holiday Season {I feel Holiday Season should be capitalized - don't you?} without too much panic and last-minute frantic behaviors.

So, Evonne mentioned her desire to make felted food for her girlies to replace their plastic versions. I found the below pictures on Etsy and read the seller's profile. She used to work for Martha Stewart. THAT would explain the beautiful picture and craftsmanship.

Find them here. Also notice her really cute pin cushions. My favorite is the hostess cupcake.

So the question I have about making homemade gifts: I'm not sure I want to go to the work/effort involved in some of the projects unless I know the recipient will appreciate the fact it's handmade and so time-intensive. Does that make sense? What would you do?


mmclinger said...

Go with goodies for new friends and neighbors! I would worship a neighbor with your cooking and baking talents, who was willing to share!

Goog luck with the rest! if any one can do it, it's you

Jessica McCann said...

Yeah, we found each other! What a loser of a friend I am! I didn't know you had moved yet. Dash saw the pictures of the felt food and said, "Hamburgers!"