Saturday, September 27, 2008

Ahead of the Times, Martha

Has anyone else noticed the upswing of silhouettes in the decorating world?

Martha was ahead of her times with this cover from October 1998. I'll be using this as inspiration for my mantle this Halloween.

One of my childhood best friends scored the ultimate find of Martha Stewart publications from a small town library. Among the 150 magazines she found Martha Stewart Baby and Martha Stewart Kids, both highly sought after past publications.

AND, the best thing of all, she offered me the duplicates of the lot. It was like Christmas in the mail today {or the December issues, at least}.

Thanks, Mel!


topsyturvytara said...

Remember when we would take our trampoline over to Melinda's house and then we would have TWO trampolines! Being a kid was great!
I can't wait to see how you decorate for Halloween!

mmclinger said...

I forgot about the double tramps that was sooo fun!!! Glad you like um and at least you will love them like they should be loved!

Chelsea said...

I totally forgot about the trampolines, too. How funny the different things we remember. I remember when we were throwing rocks into the air in the front yard when you guys lived on Club and one of the rocks shattered the rear window on the station wagon. oops!

Wilkins said...

Heyo you guys we miss you. It would've been so fun if you'd been there last weekend, but maybe next time. What is the plan for the holidays?

Wilkins said...

We are going up to UT for Christmas and New Years but we don't know for how long, yet. I might try and take a wintersession course here to get it out of the way.