Saturday, November 22, 2008

Baby Things

This is before I added the snappety-snaps

I made these for a shower last night for a little bebe. These are different than ones I've made in the past for a few reasons. This time I made my own pattern {I know, right?} and added fusible stabilizer. Also, last time I backed them with minky. Minky is fabulously soft and cuddly, however it's ridiculously expensive and difficult to sew. I found a simple alternative in natural muslin/ticking {can't remember which} that is less than $4/yard.

The cute little appliques are made out of felt and warm&natural batting. They were a well-loved gift at the shower so if you've had a baby in the last little while {or will be shortly} plan to receive a bib.
my favorite one

The last picture is a sneakety-sneak peek of most of the components of April's baby shower next Friday.

Gotta go! We're off to see Twilight!


Natalie said...

LOVE the new bibs :) I still use the ones that you made Sophie. They're my favorites. It was smart to switch out the minky, though. As cute as it is, it isn't very absorbent. :)

exclusive_remedy said...

So you are going to have to tell me what you thought of Twilight. I liked it, in all it's cheesy glory!

mmclinger said...

Super cute, woman! You are so creative!

Evonne said...

I love. I covet.

Where did you get your paper mache stars? i need to make them for my door, but haven't had time to look for them.

Gingerlylizzy said...

Those are DARLING!!! Man... I wish you were still here to pass on some of your crafty, crafty skills!