Sunday, November 02, 2008

{insert creative title}

Just a bunch of pictures from the weekend.

Inspired from Martha's brain cupcakes.

The pumpkins are from Michaels. They were just plain white and then I painted silhouettes on them. I actually wanted to do a negative space one, but liked this better. I figured if I kept them simple black and white I can keep these around for Thanksgiving. I picked up the candlesticks from a yard sale for $1 {for the pair} and the candles from a party store. The bones {that's what's in the center under the glass between the pumpkins} are from the Dollar Tree. The WICKED {witch} banner/garland is made of chipboard triangles {really really easy to cut} and covered in a layer of black paper and patterned paper. The round black part to them is just a black streamer that I straight stitched and gathered into a circle, tied it off and glued pre-made letters in the center. I just used glue to attach them to the pom pom fringe/trim that I picked up from the fabric store. I love this candelabra. It's the first time I've actually used it but I've had it for a year or so. I'll switch out the black candles for white ones and keep it around.

Added this for next year's decor {target - after Halloween}

and a cool tray and ice bucket from the last yard sales of the season {that I'll be attending anyways}


Rocketgirl said...

You are the master!! I love all the regular items around - just back and spooky. please do a tutorial sometime on decorating with some of your tips and ideas - dumdums like me could REALLY use it!!

mmclinger said...

I wish we lived closer, you are so incredibly creative... I need some of that good stuff over here!

April said...


Your party looks too picture perfect! Martha would be proud :)