Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The CupCake Kit

{i.e. super cute and you know I already ordered one}

image via CB

I saw this one today on a design blog and clicked on over to Chronicle Books and purchased one for me and one as a a gift option for whichever family member really really wants it for their birthday next. I think I have JUST the person in mind.
I wish I worked for Chronicle Books. I wish I were an editor of craft books, actually. I found a company the other day looking for freelance editors and I've gone back and forth in my decision to email them my resume. I don't have ANY experience editing, but I know I have a knack for taking other people's work and making it sound just that much better. I'm not so great at writing my own in point. Which, inadvertently, is why I chose to major in English at BYU, with an Editing emphasis. Maybe I should finish that degree...

{by the way - if, by chance, anyone from Chronicle books is reading and needs a good book/product reviewer for honest-to-goodness feedback, I wouldn't, not at all}

So start drooling over these adorable cupcake liners, because that's what sold me on the kit. Not even joking. I'm a sucker, absolute SUCKER for packaging.
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P.S (aside - my second PS in a row, maybe I should not consider it a PS, right?) I was lucky enough to find a discount code. If you really really really want it and can't find your own, leave me a comment and I'll email it to you. I don't feel right about posting it on my blog and then having a bunch of coupon-hungry interwebbers finding it and using me for my codes. I don't like being used, really.

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