Monday, February 16, 2009

Weekend Update with Chelsea

Laugh at me if you will, but I had NO idea today was Presidents' Day. I thought it was NEXT Monday. So you can imagine my surprise and delight when I also realized I had the day off of work. Yippee! I can't tell you how much I've wanted to take a day off, just to laze about and worry about nothing, for probably the last month or so. But who can afford taking a day off when their livelihood is contingent upon BEING AT work -- working! I slept in, took my time getting ready and was really excited to get out and just drive fact, I was planning on heading toward Legends. I got as far as putting on my makeup and doing my hair before I remembered I had left my purse {and subsequently my keys} in the car that Ryan drives to and from school. awwww, crap. And I happened to be keyless/carless on a REALLY busy day of his. No time for him to drive home with my crud. Oh, well, another day, right?

We had a great weekend here. A baby shower, a dinner and a movie, dinner with friends {two nights in a row!} and an early birthday present for me!

First things first: Baby Shower Gifts. I made these bibs for a new wee babe named Kent.

Hence the upper and lowercase Ks. Kent made his appearance about a month ago and was present at the shower. SO much fun to do it that way, I think.

He also received this onesie.

The idea was not mine, rather, garnered from the hundreds of similar onesie-ties on Etsy.

Mommy loved them, which is all that truly matters.

We had a low-key Valentine's Day. I've mentioned before that we're not big on commercialized holidays, but we do like any excuse to go to dinner. Ryan and I went out on our own Friday night and saw Coraline and ate somewhere...I can't remember, actually...oh yeah! Jason's Deli.

On VDay we met up with our friends the Andersons and went to Old Chicago Pizza. Good company, good food...what more can you ask for?

Sunday night we invited the Andersons and the Barkers over for dinner so I had a good excuse to make these cute little rice crispy treats. My mom has/had one of these molds while I was growing up and we've made them many times. Usually we used a heart-shaped red hot for the nose and wrapped them up for valentines day, then mini M&Ms came out and we used brown ones for the noses, but I had neither on hand so I improvised.

How cute are they waiting for our guests {and their impending headlessness}? Probably the best tasting batch of rice crispy treats I've ever made. Seriously, they were SO good.

Sunday and today I watched some new movies that Ryan was soo sweet to order for me, while I worked on sewing projects. Sense & Sensibility, Miss Austen Regrets, & Persuasion. I LOVED these versions. I'd never seen Miss Austen Regrets because I missed it when PBS aired it originally {the fact we don't have cable makes it easy to miss things like that} but double bonus - you get all 3. Have I ever mentioned how I wish I were English? Colin Firth makes me swoon and accents are hot.

I guess today wasn't a complete wash, since I was able to watch tons of movies that I love and enjoy his early birthday present for me.

{I was almost tempted to wait until next Monday, my actual birthday, to open the package/mailer they came in...but I'm too weak!}

It's a good box set. If you're an Austen fan, I'd suggest purchasing one for yourself.


Evonne said...

Those beary krispie goods make me want to ditch the diet. Yummmmm.

Also, very cute baby stuff! I made the same onesies for Layne and loved them!

Micah and Melinda said...

How fun! I think I remember the bear krispies I for sure remember the scary hand of popcorn! Your mom is always so creative! Have you watched 'love actually' mmm lets go to london and acquire some sexy accents! I happen to love Liam Neison (same island)!

Heidi said...

those baby things are so cute! i have seen a lot of things like that on etsy, but i never take the time to do anything fun like that! i can't wait for the craft day this weekend! is it saturday yet??