Sunday, August 30, 2009

It feels like it's been longer than 3 days since my last post, which means:

a: it's been a looongg weekend
b: it's been a busy weekend
c: nothing's going on

Lucky, lucky, you're a ducky, because the answer is B - busy weekend!

We started off with a short camping trip to Clinton Lake with 5 other couples from our ward. It was really great! Clinton Lake is a beautiful area. I'd already been this summer for Girls' Camp projects {which I have yet to post about...maybe later this week?} but I only went for a few hours each day and disgustingly humid days, at that.

Friday night was gorgeous, all around. Beautiful weather, great conversation, must-have foil dinners, banana boats and reeses s'mores...what more could you ask for? Well, maybe I'd ask for an air mattress next time...or, better yet, skip the air mattress but gimme a bigger tent. I really don't know why manufacturers call it a 4-person tent when you can barely squeeze 2 adults with their belongings in there before everything is touching the sides of the tent and gets wet from the dew the next morning. I'm speaking from experience here; if it says it's for 4 peeps, you can fit 2. It's time for a tent upgrade for the Alexanders!

Saturday morning I went to a tag sale. Erm...yes..I know I was 'camping' but it was only 20 minutes away and I already had directions and everything. But back to the point. I set my 'alarm' to 6:45am, woke up, drove away as the sun rose and everyone was still nice and snug in their tents, and off I went on the back roads of Kansas. A few missed turns here and there but I made it safe and sound in 25 minutes. Not too shabby. Know what else wasn't too shabby? The tag sale {a tag sale is pretty much an estate sale, see here for a better definition} was a little old lady who was a collector; baskets, cigar boxes, antique canning jars, etc. I looked to my heart's content, spent less than $15, and walked away with an armful of treasures that will most likely find their way into my etsy shop.

I headed back to camp to find the others just waking up and starting breakfast, a still asleep husband and pup, and the most beautiful weather. I wish we'd brought a hammock.

Ryan and I couldn't stay long. We all started packing up our tents and belongings, airing them out this way or that, zipping up sleeping bags and burning whatever paper products we'd used for breakfast. As we headed home {missionaries were coming for dinner Saturday night} I think they decided which walking trails to venture out on.

Unshowered and exhausted, we took an hour or two and decided how to spend the afternoon to get the most done before our guests arrived later that night.

Two shopping trips later and I started our delicious dinner of Fettuccine Alfredo with fresh basil pesto, grilled chicken slices, homemade marinara and rolls. My awesome {she shares my love of vintage and thriftyness, as well as being uber-crafty} friend Brooke {+hubby} brought a salad to go with dinner and our other friends, the Barkers, joined us as well. SUCH good food. MMmmm..I'm craving some Alfredo sauce right now.

Sunday we woke up with headaches and backaches, made it to church halfway through the first hour and came home after an hour for ibuprofen and sleep.

And now to end this insanely long look into my mundane life, I'll tease you all with the fact that I get to go to my first ever true blue flea market this weekend! Yay! I've saved my duckets and they'll be spent. And not only am I going to my first, but I'm hitting a SECOND, too!

Think about that for awhile and let me know how jealous you all are ;)


Becka Dietrich said...

What a whirlwind o'fun. That camping trip sounds like such a blast with so many young couples. I'm sure everyone walked away knowing the Alexanders are totally awesome.
I wish I could go to the flea market with you, I have always wanted to go.

Anonymous said...

ahh chelsea...uber crafty is more the destination than the current state of being!!
so i logged onto your blog to see if you posted the alfredo recipe. a couple in the ward somehow ended up with a trunkfull of dry pasta to share...and we are of course salivating at the idea of making a huge pot of alfredo and eating all of it!!! how about we make the pasta this time and you guys head over to help eat it??
AND i had the wonderful fortune to drag two 9 pane windows out of the dumpster the other day. lanny didn't appreciate it, so i thought you might :)