Thursday, August 27, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Not much to say, so I'll just list a few things that I've really felt blessed about lately.

  • Ryan - [I've loved spending time with him these last few weeks. When we first got married we worked opposite schedules. Moving to Kansas {a YEAR ago, people!} helped us become even closer and reacquaint ourselves with each others' personalities and quirks. Last week he started Fall semester and he has no free time. I miss him during the day and am grateful we consider 'hanging out' as being in the same house together but doing our own thing at night. It's nice. He's nice.]
  • Unemployment- 'nuf said.
  • Health Insurance - thank goodness for COBRA
  • Friends - I've got great ones. The more the merrier, I say
  • Family - I wish we lived closer!
  • Internets - keeps my sanity but also wastes WAY too much time
  • Yard Sales - "with my by myself"
I'm sure there's more, but it's after midnight and I'm babysitting tomorrow {sort of like daycare!} and need my beauty sleep.


Becka Dietrich said...

Well I'm thankful to have you as a friend Chels. You're fantastic and a great example to everyone. See the blessings in every day. Miss you!

Tara said...

Fun story, I thought I was reading Kayleigh's blog for some reason and thought "Ryan? What? Married?" Then I realized what an idiot I can be.

Chelsea said...

great story, Teege.