Thursday, October 08, 2009

Cozy sort of, rainy sort of, fire sort of day

This morning started out gray and drizzly.

And much too early. I woke up extra early to babysit a cute little girl whose mama had an early morning shift.

But we survived, thrived even, and with the addition of the sweetest little boy I watch on Thursdays, the three of us had a non-stop morning.

This afternoon started out gray and drizzly.

After sending one babe home around 1, I was able to change out of my pajamas {Kudos to you moms with multiple kids - I don't know how you do it!} and get somewhat ready for the day. Because of the never-ending rain, I felt cooped up. I bundled up the little one to venture out. Don't get too excited. We stopped for a hot chocolate, and then a diet-dr. pepper-easy-ice from Sonic happy hour. Bliss.

By the time I pulled back into the driveway the little was asleep and so he has remained for the last hour and fifteen....and counting.

I have a feeling this evening is going to start out gray and drizzly....and I'm okay, no..happy, with that.

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