Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hillary and Ellie Come to Kansas

My older sister, Hillary, and her youngest child, Ellie, came to visit Ryan and I earlier this month.

I started worrying about what we would do to entertain but luckily the weather was absolutely gorgeous and we were able to drive here and there and stop at this store or that without too much worry if we'd get caught in a rainstorm {unlike now, which is un-fun}.

We went to Legends one afternoon, which Hillary deemed a fabulous collection of stores, and shopped and shopped. Thank goodness our good friends, Brooke and Lanny, let us borrow a stroller for their trip. Ellie would have been SO done with shopping after the first store.

Ellie is adorable. I hadn't seen her since March and Ryan hadn't visited since last Christmas{!} so she'd changed quite a bit. She wasn't too fond of Thunder at first, but after she gave him some skittles {she refers to all candy as gummy} and nerds, they were friends. Until she ran out of candy. Then she wanted to look at him from afar but too close and the Divis shriek rang throughout all 1500 sq ft of our home.

Hillary just posted some pictures and I stole this one.

I might have given her a lot of candy during her visit. She has some on her face.

Isn't the expression on her face to-die-for cute?!


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I'm surprised you let her feed him candy in the first place! Lol