Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Chelsea = 1, Gym = 0

*I posted this on my weight loss journal, too. I thought I'd link up here again since it's been a few years. And I don't have it listed in my profile. For obvious reasons.

Or is that supposed to be the opposite way around.

I got up and got dressed today to go lift weights or do cardio or both. I took one of my morning prescriptions and started sipping on a protein drink on the way there and whatdoyouknow, I started feeling queasy.

But I drove there anyway.

Almost there.

I got to the point where I could make a left turn to the fitness center or go straight to the store.

I went straight. I needed new tires on my car and today seemed to be a good day {since I have been feeling crappy, of course}.

$200 later and I have two things: a car that drives like a cloud {I bet that would be really in Mario Bros. where you can kill the koopa and take their cloud}, and a still-upset stomach.

I am supposed to take 3 of these a day and I've taken them before without issue but now they're making me sick to my stomach. Two down, one to go. For today. If I don't puke, that is.

Maybe I should talk to my gyno and have her give me a smaller dose.

Since I didn't go to the fitness center, I'm forcing myself to finish painting my room today. Lots of crouching, bending, stretching, fumes, arm reaches, etc.

All baseboards and trim are done. One wall down. It's going to be a long night. And I feel like poo.


Nat said...

Uh oh hope you get feeling better!

Becka Dietrich said...

I shouldn't laugh but I did. Hope you get a new dosage that doesn't make you sick. But good on you for choosing to paint the room instead of sitting around watching a movie. Maybe the gym could get a half point for that?

Cait said...

I totally feel your pain! Feeling nauseous is no fun! Have you tried halfing your pills? I have to do that with my anti-nausea pills I'm taking right now (ironic?) but it really helps!

megs said...

I hate meds - hope you find a way to stomach them! I've usually had to have meds with food, and I'm someone who totally wants to have them mid mac n cheese (who could get sick then?!?) - which isn't good for the waistline!

I loved reading this - because it is that hilarious moment where you're real with yourself, and go straight. Ha. I haven't even gotten in the car in a while, so you're putting points on the board somewhere!