Monday, October 18, 2010

Need a Photographer?

Look no further. Amber at BellaRay Photography is seriously amazing. Look what she did for us!

I mean, we're not chopped liver, but still...miracle of miracles, we look cute!

You can find her here and here {on facebook}.

Book now for Christmas cards, friends. Or for any of you preggos out there, maybe you should schedule a c-section around her schedule. {kidding}. [kind of]


laura said...

very cute!

LOVE the dress you're wearing!

Karen Ruth said...

These are awesome! I wouldn't expect less from a photographer like Amber and a gorgeous girl like yourself!

hillary said...

LOVE them! You guys look great! (of course)

megs said...

love em, such a beautiful set of pics!! and you look so classically beautiful and classy!!

Jenn and Joe Ellis said...

gorgeous! So fun to get family pictures! Way to go!