Thursday, December 30, 2010

Gifts Given

I love giving around the holidays more than I like receiving.

When you choose to do mostly homemade, though, you always run the risk of creating something not-quite-right for the recipient.

I hope I did okay this year. I chose to give my sister, sis-in-law, MIL, and mom their own custom-made brooches as part of their gifts. I used this tutorial and made a few modifications, then covered a scrapbook album page {made of thick, sturdy chipboard} with fabric for presentation.

Here are only five of the eight I made. I quite fancy them myself and have been wearing them on my jackets and sweaters since November. I have one of almost every color. Wouldn't they look great on a headband, too?

I'm also quite happy with how I packed up Rinda's and my mother-in-law's gifts:
It took about 20 minutes. The gluing and cutting takes all of ten, but figuring out placement and drying time eats up the other.

These are simple, inexpensive 8"x12" muslin bags that I purchased in bulk for another project. They were just perfect for their gifts this year and I saw the pennant idea elsewhere {believe me, I'm not that creative} and fudged it.

I think I need to make a few more of these bags.
Cost is comparable to a gift bag you'd buy at the store, too

Did anyone make something that was a big hit? I'm looking for ideas for next year.

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megs said...

How nice! I want to do more homemade next year - hopefully things Minuet can 'help' with, make personal. I absolutely loved the gift my sitter made 'from' Minuet to us, a frame with her silhouette cut out and put in the picture part, and on a big wooden space to the side she had imprints of Minuet's hands & feet, personalized with name and date, and even put cute scrapbook stickers around the frame. SO CUTE. I love crafty things.

Btw - I'm obsessed with this craft blog, and want to maybe try the letters of NOEL that she did from Michael's... very cool.