Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Holiday Cards from Two

This year I'm trying to be a responsible holiday adult and send out Christmas cards. It's taken me almost 5 years because I've always thought we should/needed to have children to qualify the need for Christmas cards.

I've changed my mind.

There are so many cute options available and with our recent pictures and our fertility issues {they're still issues three years later}, my mind has been made up. THISISTHEYEAR. For Christmas cards, of course.

Also, someone posed the question where to go for good prints because where they got theirs from {mal-wart} were awful, apparently. {Insert my need to help}

So, I have been looking around and found these cute ones:

jovial and cheery

the colors are such great tones - not too in-yo'-face Christmas but still Christmas-y enough
love the colors on this one

pink and red - perfection!

this is the classier side of me - timeless and clean. love it.

and just all around fun!

I found these all here at Shutterfly. Who knew they did more than just print photogifts and pictures?! {okay, you guys all probably did, cuz you're smarties}. Ohh, and they have awesome calendars!

Which one did I choose? You'll just have to wait and see!

Also! {and this is of UTMOST importance} If I didn't get in touch with you on Facebook because you're too cool to be on fb or too cool to be my 'friend' on fb, please email me your mailing address if you'd like to receive one of our first-ever, limited-edition Christmas cards.


Micah and Melinda said...

Woot Woot! Its about time! Let me know if you don't have ours and I'll message it to you, I've got out Mal-wart lol all filled out and ready to go!

I found the cutest place for font's and for some reason I wanted to share with you hope you like some of there stuff!

Ashley Lauren Trunnell said...

And you know everyone wants to see a Christmas Card of you and Ryan! They are going to be adorable. Thanks for another great idea. I probably can't squeeze it in this year, but now I know where to go for cute Christmas cards!