Friday, January 21, 2011


I'm often asked where I come up with ideas. Well, I'll give most of my credit to the interwebs. Some of it I'll take credit for, but the majority is borrowed or inspired by someone else.

For most of you that don't have hours upon end to look at/read blogs {my life is pathetic, I know} I'll direct you to a couple of books I've recently purchased.

Um, gorgeous. Great styling, great photos, great ideas.
Take this one, for example.
I've only made it to the first chapter before the dinner timer went off, but I'm looking forward to a long hot bath and thumbing through the rest of it.

Next, this one: Paper + Craft
Cute projects, maybe one or two that I'd actually use. Overall, I should have just borrowed this book from the library instead of purchasing it - not that it doesn't have some great projects in it, but I think it's not 100% my style. It's also full of gorgeous pictures and the tutorials are some of the best and most detailed I've seen.

Also, blogs galore. Instead of linking a bazillion blogs, I've included a HUGE list of all the ones I have in my reader. I won't be adding them to my sidebar, but you can reference back here if you feel so inclined. Or you can just hit 'subscribe' and all 135 will be added to your reader and you can weed them out.
{sidenote: I didn't add all the ones I follow because they're personal family blogs of friends and family and c'mon, that'd just be rude of me!}

So, there you go. Full disclosure: sometimes I forget where I've seen an idea that I build off of. I'm sorry to all those talented people who I don't give credit to.

Okay, off you go exploring!


laura said...

yeah!!! i'm totally going to check some of these out!

here's three more that i think you'd love...

Kristin said...

Thanks for including us in this fabulous list of link love!

Cait said...

If you have an exacto knife, you might like doing this project for V-day.

I made one, and although it took a long time it looks really cool!

Thanks for posting all your sites!

Cait said...

Oh! And you'd probably LOVE the dessert tables this girl decorates! Click on eye candy to see the pictures

Ashley Lauren Trunnell said...

Thank you for this wonderful list. I will be coming here for inspiration.