Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter Snow & Other Randoms

I love today's weather. Love it. I know it's a pain in the boot to drive through, and for all you unfortunate drivers, "I'm sorry!," but I think it's simply grand. Finally it feels like a winter wonderland day.

Last night it started just before we went to sleep. This morning Ryan shoveled the walk {bless him} and driveway and 3 hours later, I went outside to do it again. THAT MUCH SNOW.

I'm taking advantage of this cold weather by flying my white-trash flag: mother nature's refrigerator.
Awww, yeaahhh. That's last night's dinner out there. Just chillin.

I've been really excited to start the year fresh. It's been great having Ryan home all day, every day for the last few weeks. I'm quite the independently-minded woman, though, so it might be cramping my style just a tad. {Just kidding! Love you, babes!} I'll still miss him when he has to start classes again.

But what has been really great is realizing that I need to get started on some home-improvement projects.

I took a few minutes on Sunday to write them down. [It's what I do during Sunday School to stay focused and listen.] All goals need to be written down to be realized. Hopefully, this will light a fire under my rear to get them going.

Since I feel so overwhelmed when I think about working on my sewing room, I'll probably start small and do a mini-makeover in the laundry room. My goal is to be finished with that one by February 3rd. And my goal to be finished with my sewing room is the 23rd. It will be a great birthday present to myself!

For now, I'll show off some new pretties I bargain-shopped for!

On Friday evening, my friends Brooke and Keighty and I {and Ryan and Keighty's husband Bobby} went to Good Juju for their January sale. I found a few things. This beeauuutiful pink bag, namely.
And since I've bought several at estate sales, I have a number in my head that I won't pay more than, then I check the price tag. This gem barely made the cut. She should be up in my {ahem} severely overlooked Etsy shop in the next month or so. Also one of my goals. I have some awesome things to share, guys. What the heck is my problem with getting them posted? oh, that's right: laziness. The no. 1 killa.
Here's something I'll keep. See the eeevill one next to the new sweet one? Keighty thought the new one looked like it had been shot and was bloodied when I bought it. The flower by its head was painted a garish pink and orange. Acetone took it right off. I figured it would. I'll keep the sweet one and get rid of Mr. Evil via Etsy. {okay, he's not evil but he looks a little....squirrelly}

And the two shiny candlesticks were on clearance after Christmas at Tarzjay. They work perfectly in the spot and I just realized I have yet to put candles in them.

Finally, my new bag. Ryan bought it for me as an early birthday present {I picked it out}. Isn't he sweet? I love it. I carried it around for a day or two with the tags still on to try it out. Tell me I'm not the only one that's done this. You can never be too certain, right? It's a deep dark eggplanty purple. Tags came off last week. Love it! Thanks, hon.


Audrey said...

i wish you lived near me - i'd make you bring all of that creative energy over to my place! you're so cute. :)

Chelsea said...

I wouldn't mind living near you but I don't have creative's more akin to creative laziness. Seriously.

Amber said...

LOVE your new purple purse! Really LOVE it! So, where did you get it??

Chelsea said...

A place I rarely shop: JCPenney.

Ashley Lauren Trunnell said...

I love that pink bag! I love Good Juju and wish I had Fridays off so I could go.