Friday, April 25, 2008

My dream home

I know many of you will think I'm crazy (Hillary) but I LOVE older houses. Sure, new homes have their beautiful features, but I really like the look of an old home, one reason being is that the garage door isn't the biggest feature of the front of the house.

Moving on, I found THIS HOUSE. It's not in Lawrence, but in Kansas City (Kansas). I would LOVE to have this house as a rental property. In speaking with a guy that lives in Topeka, he said KC, KS is a really rough city. I might be willing to put up with it for these kinds of built-ins and hardwood floors and fireplaces. Sure, needs work, but what house doesn't when it's only $33,000.



Leah Marie said...

Um, thats a really, really cheap house. Crazy cheap.

I've heard the same about KC, KS. KC, MO is really nice but for some reason across the state line its not nice.

mmclinger said...

Oh I so agree, we just dont have the time or energy to put into one of these homes... I agree the new homes all just show off the stupid garage like some how thats the best part! Good luck in your home search!

hillary said...

yeah, not loving that one. just don't see the attraction.