Thursday, May 29, 2008


I finally got around to reading Twilight. Loved it. I also read New Moon yesterday and besides the 150 pages or so of suckiness (I was tempted - and almost skipped about that many pages - to just skip to the end) I enjoyed it. The best part is when they're in Italy.

Ryan read them before I did and thinks the storyline is VERY similar to the TV show Roswell. I've never seen Roswell so no comparison from me.

The writing could have been better, but considering it was from Bella's voice (and she's ony 17) and it's written for an adolescent audience, it's appropriate.

I don't think I want to start Eclipse until closer to when Breaking Dawn is released. We'll see. I don't know if I can hold out that long!


Evonne said...

I gave in, too and love them! When's the move? We need to get together before you take off...

mmclinger said...

I love love love these books... seriously I hated new moon when I read and then I reread the book and really enjoyed. I love the names she picked for the books and I hate that she is only doing 4!
I hope you guys are doing good and are getting ready to move? Have you found a place,yet?

Leah Marie said...

Yay! for jumping on the Twilight bandwagon! So glad to have you here!

If you want something to bide your time until you read Eclipse and then Breaking Dawn, I'd recommend her recent release, The Host - totally different story, but just as good.

shannon said...

WOOT WOOT! you might want to read eclipse now since she released chapter 1 of Breaking Dawn yetserday! It's in the back of a newly released Eclipse and sooooooooooooo good! welcome to the madness!