Sunday, May 25, 2008

Doing My Part - In Style

My sister Tara linked me to these ultrachic bags the other day: Neela Bags. While they won't work for her (she's looking to use it as a purse and we determined it wouldn't really be the best option), I ordered a few today to cut down on the number of plastic bags I bring home from the store on each shopping excursion (seriously, I usually come home with no less than 3) and adding to the pile of plastic grocery sacks stored underneath my kitchen sink.

Look how cute they are!

I ordered these ones. I'm LOVING the giraffe print and apparently it's everywhere this season.

I got the Standard Market Tote in both Raspberry and Giraffe and the Large Shopper in Ocean.

C'mon. $5 to go a little green? Awesome.

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