Saturday, May 10, 2008

Surprisingly Pretty Flowers

Whilst shopping at the store, I found these pretty flowers. I'm surprised Walmart carried arrangements as pretty as these (I know, they won't last long from walmart but it was 10pm.

Also, I received this planter box for my birthday last year and used it to grow some herbs that have since been uprooted for inclusion in meals, so I replanted some potted herbs.

I had been meaning to make these forks for plant markers but finally got around to it last night. They were pretty simple to make (I opened up my silverware drawer and grabbed out 3 forks) with some sand paper, brown spray paint, and pliers. Anyone want to know exactly how?

I love how they turned out. Before I painted them, Ryan asked me if I was making forks à la Dr. Seuss.

And I love that picture of the little oregano. Oh, and they make our kitchen smell herb-ily delicious.


Leah Marie said...

I've gotten flowers from Wal-Mart several times that lasted for weeks. You just gotta have faith.

Chelsea said...

Good to know! It's been hit and miss with them, and lately with flowers from Costco. I've recently opted to pay the extra money and create a bunch from a florist and I've not been disappointed!