Wednesday, July 01, 2009

A Baby Shower {you're invited}

Erin and I are throwing a baby shower for Amber in the next couple of weeks and the theme is About to Hatch.
*first - a disclaimer. The camera I used wasn't my own and so the pictures didn't turn out as great as I would have hoped. It wasn't the camera, but the operator {that would be me} of said camera. That is all.*
Align Center{invites and labels}

These are the invitations we cooked up one afternoon.
{cupcake box and insert}
{see what I mean about the beaks? no continuity - only I care about it really, though}

I LOVE them. The only issue I had was with the little birdie beaks. I wish Martha Stewart's directions included how they did those with a LEAF tip. I know, right? I considered using confetti sprinkles but I didn't think ahead and find them locally. The other option I was going to use if this didn't work was tinted white chocolate, piped onto wax paper in the shape of triangles and stick them in that way. I still might, who knows.
{beak-less baby birds}
If you didn't receive one {and you're a local, of course}, I'm sorry! We'll have non-cupcake ones available this Sunday or you can just consider yourself invited. Get in touch with me if you need details.

I'll have pictures of the shower in a few weeks. I'm still working on stuff for it and then I have to hurry and get everything ready for girls' camp projects.
{on the inside}
{boxed and ready to go!}


Natalie said...

Wow, Chels. It would be so fun to throw a frou-frou shower like that. They throw showers in my ward for almost everyone who has a baby. Last fall we had SEVEN. And that doesn't include mine, which was in January. It's bare minimums around here :)

I love the colors and the cupcakes and the boxes and EVERYTHING!

Karen Ruth said...

Random question - have you ever made a quilt before? I have grand visions of making one for a mission companion whose wedding is in three weeks. I'm guessing that's not enough time...but let me know! I'm getting my Karen-proof sewing machine in the mail today, so I am ready for some projects!

P.S. The invites are adorable! I had such a hard time eating mine because it was just too cute (they were delicious...I eventually gave in!).

Micah and Melinda said...

Have I ever told you how much i wished we lived closer! I am in love with your creativity!

Shanna said...

Oh my! you are awesome! SO cute!

*margie* said...

Just had a similar themed shower for my on-the-way twin boys. I had the same "issues" with the beaks. I tried orange jimmies, frosting and even cutting up orange fruit leather into tiny triangles. Ended up just doing a firm buttercream frosting (also, birds were's "cakepops" dipped in blue chocolate - didn't want frosting birds to melt, because the shower was outside.) I was the only one who wasn't completely satified with the beaks ...noone else seemed to notice! Check shower/cupcakes out here: and here
best of luck with yours ;)

Brooke Reynolds said...

I would love to be invited to a party via cupcake. Your birds look lovely.. I think they used a very tiny leaf tip for the ones in MS Kids, but those ladies in the kitchen are known to have super powers!

exclusive_remedy said...

Dude! You are ridiculous and I am inadequate. How many of those did you send out like that?