Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby Steps, huh...

I probably should have waited to post this until I have more stuff posted (and a better range of prices!) but I was just happy to finally get good pictures of a few items and have something listed.

What I'm talking about is my vintage garage sale outlet: Back To You Vintage.

As I'm cleaning up the garage and organizing for a joint yardsale this weekend, I'm sure I'll have much more added. And by the end of the week, that's a promise.


Heidi said...

is it bad that i just want to buy out your entire etsy store?

Anonymous said...

how about a sneak peak of what is going into your sell pile for the garage sale???

Chelsea said...

Yes, Heids! Just come yard saling with me :)

Brooke - I don't know quite yet, but I can promise it's not going to be as exciting as you might think. I had a yard sale a couple of years ago. I WILL have a few holiday decorations, though, so that's kind of fun...if you want to come take a look, you're welcome to! I'm planning on having it all out and priced tomorrow night.

tom & laura said...

hi there! found you through the party perfect blog, and just thought i'd let you know that i LOVE your stuff! please don't be creeped out if i start blog stalking you :)