Friday, August 01, 2008

Family Visits and Moving Messes

About the time Hillary and Co. decide to come to town, Ryan and I are in Kansas and just getting back to a wild 4 days of packing (with both of us still working full-time, no less). Lucky for them, we didn't mind the reprieve from mayhem for a quick dinner and then us sisters all went miniature golfing with kids in tow.

Jack loves Aunt Chelsea

CUTEST picture of Ellie and Kayleigh. I love that little thumbsucker!

Callie needed a nap before dinner and Aunt TT was a great pillow.

Ryan was EXHAUSTED this night (we'd just gotten back from Kansas), as you can see, and hit the hay after dinner.

I think Jack's still a little young for it and Ellie threw off Hill's game, but golfing was still hilarious. Callie had fun.

And then I had to come home to this. What. a. mess.

We were given an extra 2 days to move (because the house couldn't close when it was supposed to) which was actually a blessing.

Since closing on the 21st, we've been staying with Ryan's parents in South Jordan and slumming it up.

Wednesday was Ryan's last day of work and I have a week to get my crap together and be ready to go double-time starting the 11th in Kansas. Ay,ay,ay!

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mmclinger said...

Everyone is all grown up and Hillary's kids are so cute!! Good luck on the rest of your packing and have a safe trip.