Friday, August 01, 2008

A Glimpse Into Lawrence

I loved their downtown area. It's called Massachusetts Street (most people call is Mass.) Anyways, very quaint store fronts. Even new stores like Gap, American Eagle, and Chipotle have had to conform to the ways of the downtown facade.

This building is called The Eldridge. It's a historical hotel and still serves as a hotel, however there's also a restaurant on the ground floor.

This was lunch one day at Jeffersons. Yes, those are pickles. Fried Dill Pickles. I saw them on Food Network once or Travel Channel and thought, whoa, they actually have them. (AND they're actually good!)

Here are more pictures of our house. I'm really peeved that I didn't take any inside, but oh well, we'll be there Wednesday.


Natalie said...

Ohhh... fried dill pickles are awesome, huh? I had some in Mississippi when we went on a trip as a kid. (My mom's from there.)

Gingerlylizzy said...

I can't wait to see the inside! One of my fave. restaurants back home has fried dill pickle spears... you dip them in ranch... MMMMMMMM. I have them everytime I go home. By the way, I have some friends in Kansas - probably a good chance you will be in their ward and she is a great photographer... I will email you.

TPlayer said...

I love Mass St!!! It was my favorite place to just go walk

I'm sad I'm just now discovering your blog :(