Thursday, August 07, 2008

We're Here

...Arriving yesterday, just in the nick of time for our final walk-through of our new home.

Miles traveled:1148

Money spent on gas:Too much (although the average price/gal here is just around $3.70) - in Nebraska it was as low as $3.56. Lucky.

Hours in the car/truck/moving van:22

But we made it safe and sound, a little wearied, a lot tired, and very happy.

My MIL was gracious enough to come with us. I really enjoyed having her with us (I'm one of the luckiest girls alive - my MIL is actually AWESOME) and I just feel bad we sent her home exhausted.

I haven't taken any pictures of the house. My camera is still packed somewhere and it could be ANYWHERE in any one of the 60 boxes we have.

One of the new items we have saved for is a dining room table. Our previous table was a next-to-the-dumpster find and it's really sturdy and pretty awesome, however it's going to be my new work desk.

Here's our new table and chair set(dundadadahhhhh)

We also had to find a new solution for our TV/Entertainment center. Because our fireplace is on one wall and a window on the other, the corner is the best (spatially and visually).

On the same trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart (it sounds hokey, but it's fabulous - BIGGER than Ikea) we found this. First picture is from their site in the natural wood {and I just noticed it's not the exact style}, the others are taken with our phone.

So, after we get settled and all the boxes sorted through and put away, I'll tackle painting the house and setting it up. Don't worry, before and after pictures to come.

PS. I'm sending out "We've Moved" cards - please email me with your addresses!


mmclinger said...

Congrats I'm so glad you made it ok!

ThorpeFamily said...

I love all the new furniture!!! So cute! A new table is on our list of to gets! :)

exclusive_remedy said...

Oh man Chels, that is awesome! You are finally all moved. I can't believe when I go visit people in Utah now you won't be there ... :( It is way exciting though. I can't wait to see inside pics of the new place.