Saturday, October 04, 2008

Happy Weekend

Friday morning I dragged myself out of bed at 7am and went to an early yard sale. I'm so glad I did. Look what I found!
An old OLD box of Lincoln Logs. Baby Silverware {Look at those cute little forks! Not pure silver, but silverplating will still polish up nicely.} Felt-bottomed silver coasters. Antique porcelain doorknobs. A great mixing bowl in sought-out milk glass, two random dinner plates {you'll see those appear in a project later}.
My prized find: old refrigerator dishes with lids.

These are vintage sewing baskets chock full of treasures: snaps, hook-and-eyes, coverable buttons, among other notions. Oh! and vintage seam binding and ric-rac!
A sweet little doll cradle. It's in bad shape now, but a little TLC should bring it back to life.
Not vintage, like my usual finds, but awesome nonetheless. These are 8X10 alphabet cards. and they were only $5. cha-ching!
I used these already. Here they are in my white enameled scallop tray, ready to go to a bridal shower {filled with homemade marinara and Alfredo sauce - yum}

I've found that getting up early on the weekends and getting my day started with yard sales and the farmers market means we don't end up sleeping until 11am or noon...cuz that happens - a LOT. {I know, I know, we shouldn't and those of you with kids are probably wanting to smack me.}

Adjusting to new life in Lawrence has been easier than I thought it would be. I can't speak for Ryan, but I find that we have as many acquaintances here already and most of the conveniences of a big city but still retain the small {ish} town charm. A few weekends ago we drove to Kansas City with a huge group from the ward to see a Royals game {Major League Baseball}. We weren't lucky enough to get tickets to the sold-out event, but the weather was so nice that all 18 of us went out to dinner at a local BBQ place {KC is FAMOUS for BBQ} and still enjoyed getting out of Lawrence for a few hours.

I'm so blessed.


hillary said...

I'm jealous! Did you know those alphabet cards (by eeBoo) are normally around $25! I've almost bought them a few times! What a find!!! That doll cradle is really cute too!

TPlayer said...

hometown secret....the best BBQ is Oklahoma Joe's. (There is one in Olathe and one in KC)..seriously, I promise! After being in KC for over 20 years my whole family agrees it's the best. When i come home for a visit, I'll take you there if you guys still haven't gone.